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Meet Dr Eugene Marais

Dr Eugene Marais is a distinguished dentist and an internationally recognised expert in implantology. To date, Dr Marais has placed more than 10,000 implants with a failure rate of less than 1% and has performed hundreds of sinus elevations. His practice covers the full range of implants including the very popular “teeth in a day” implant treatment.

Dr Marais qualified in dentistry at the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1988. He moved to East London where he worked as an NHS associate until 1992 when he bought his own practice. In 2009 Dr Marais was awarded Diplomate status of the ICOI, the largest international implant forum.

To date he has trained over 300 dentists in the art and science of implantology. He is currently the president of the British Academy of Dental Implantology and has spoken at many international implant symposia reflecting his expertise in this field.

Meet Dr Harj Matharu

Dr. Harj Matharu

DGDP (UK) 1995, BDS Lond 1988

Harj graduated from Guys Dental School and has over 30 years of experience.  Amongst his extensive skill and experience in general dentistry, Harj has a special interest in implantology. He has recently attended a course on PRP techniques to broaden his skill set in dental implantology.  Harj has successfully placed implants for over 25 years with a 98% success rate.  When necessary, he performs bone grafts to increase the width and height of the bone where the implant needs to be placed.

We use Southern Implants, Bioner & Straumann

Free Consultation

Come meet with us at our practice in Clayhall to select where you want your tooth, the colour you want, and the shape you desire. If you currently need a tooth out, then we can discuss that too.

What is an implant?

Implants are almost like natural teeth. They have a titanium root, an upper connector called an abutment, and the visible white portion called a crown.

Is there any pain?

Getting a dental implant doesn't require any drilling of your adjacent teeth. The implant is placed in the jaw bone and does not have any pain nerves. There are minimal pain and easier recovery than most other dental procedures.

The loss of a tooth can be a source of concern, especially if the tooth is in the esthetic area! As clinicians we like to offer acceptable solutions to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is indicated when neighbouring teeth are healthy, and we are loath to cut them down for a bridge, for example.

Single or multiple teeth can be replaced predictably due to significant progress in research of dental implant materials. Implants are manufactured from titanium and designs and surfaces vary greatly.

Modern dental implants make use of osseointegration, the biologic process where bone fuses tightly to the surface of specific materials such as titanium. The integration of implant and bone can support physical loads for decades without failure.

Get you’re Free Dental Implant Consultation

Implants can last a lifetime!

We’re here to stay.

At Clayhall Dental Care, we’ve been successfully treating patients with Implants for more than 20+ years!

In this picture, the patient’s bridge came loose so we fitted Dental Implants, after being in his mouth for 17 years his Implants and gums are still in fantastic shape!

Dental Implant Pricing

Implant Placement



Full arch treatments can start from £1,200 for each tooth, up to £2,400 per tooth.
Each case is different, book consultation so we can give you an accurate price.

Dentist in Chigwell, South Woodford, Woodford Green, Loughton, Clayhall, Buckhurst Hill, Gants Hill, Ilford.

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